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TC Kids Summer Creativity Camp 2024

Open to members and nonmembers with no registration fees
Nine weeks of TC Kids Creative Arts Program 
One day ¥10,450 (tax in.)

During your child’s stay at our summer school we aim to provide a stimulating environment where your child’s creativity grows strong and opens up their confidence and happiness.

This year we offer nine weeks in which your child will use a wide range of materials and techniques and be introduced to many artists and environments of our world.​

TC Kidsで過ごす  週間のサマープログラムでは様々な材料や技術を駆使しながら、世界中の多くのアーティストや環境を紹介していきます。TC Kidsの創造的で愛情を持った教師陣一同お子様の滞在中、絵画、ペイント、モールディング、ダンス、音楽、外遊びなどを通して自己表現への自信や幸福感、お子様の強い創造性を切り開く刺激的な環境を提供することを目標としています。



TC Kidsで一緒に楽しい夏の思い出を作ろう!


平日午前9時から午後2時まで。1日: ¥9,500


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その他のご質問は 又は 03-6416-3371 までお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。

One of our goals is for your child to develop their interest in self study and play. Our creative and loving teachers provide them access to a wide range of activities and materials to be able to explore their self expressions and sense of wonder. We provide daily support with drawing, painting, molding, dance and music.

During their creative studies they will also have ample time to move their bodies and plenty of outdoor water play.

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