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After School


Our focus is on stimulating the creativity of children by exposing them to a wide variety of materials and conceptual artistic projects. If you are looking for a unique place for your child to explore the world of art and creativity, with classes taught in English, a open-friendly atmosphere and with practicing artists as your teachers…. then we look forward to creating with you soon!

Attending our after school program is a stimulating and enjoyable way to allow your child to flourish in the TC Whole World Creators program. Your child will work through a full class concept each session which is developed to provide them with long lasting understanding in a wide range of materials and subjects. Our classes are full of art and creativity mixed with English language studies that excite your child and will ignite their imagination and love of learning.

After School Art-Jolly Phonics

(2 Hour Class)  

Tuesday &Friday
2:30-4:30 p.m.

After School Art (1 Hour Class) 

On our Afternoon Art class the children work on a few different projects around a theme that changes weekly. At Tc Kids we make an effort to provide variety of materials and sensory experience to our students, in order to do so we involve Painting, Modelling, Music, Puppetry, sensory bins, Photography, and Collage.

Our Art Class is taught in English, with Japanese language support when needed.  

Leonardo da Vinci

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” 

TC students feel comfortable, enjoy coming to class and know that it is their space. TC parents are happy to see their children excited as well as using English. Many of our parents are thrilled and pleasantly surprised to see their child’s understanding of content and English use come through in their play at home and outside of school. Our school is very welcoming and our students are flourishing is this loving studio style school.


Messy & Fun!

After School Art-Jolly Phonics (2 Hour Class) 

The Afternoon Art and Jolly Phonics class, includes one hour of our regular Art class, and one hour of Jolly Phonics Program. Our teachers trained to deliver the program by the Jolly Phonics Training Team in Japan, and add to that, their  experience in Art to deliver a class that includes the proven methods of the phonics program and a hands on sensory aproach.

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