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Our Saturday School Class blends the best of our Creative Arts Programme and our experience teaching English and phonics, to create a nurturing environment for the children to explore language, music and visual art, meet friends and grow in confidence.     

Saturday School

 Every Saturday from 9:00-14:00

At TC Kids, the children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and develop personal projects. The day starts with Creativity Stations, open-ended activities in which the teachers provide assistance and materials for the children to use independently.

Our lessons are taught in english, but our teachers are fluent in Japanese and Spanish and support is given to children in their own language when needed. 

The Saturday School Day
Creative Stations

Every morning the children have 30 minutes of singing and have the opportunity to play with our Shadow puppet stage. We read aloud stories that are relevant to the learning units for the week and introduce the main concept and vocabulary for the day.

Live Music Circle Time

Literacy development involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children must be given access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poems, and other written materials) to ignite their interest. 

We are lucky to have three parks at walking distance from our school. the children hold hands together and even help to walk Piffi, our school mascot.

English as a Second Language

At TC Kids, our certified Japanese and Native ESL teachers, have a long experience working with students for which English is a second Language.




At TC kids we use Jolly Phonics, a method to teach literacy to children through synthetic phonics. Follow the link so you can learn about it.

Our Creativity Blocks are based on the work of the Great masters of the past. These artists work provides the inspiration for our projects. Together with traditional kindergarten and skill-based assignments form the base of TC Kids Creative Program.

Fostering inventiveness and exposing the  children to sensory experiences, using a variety of materials and familiarizing the children with Painting, Sculpting, modeling, printing, and drawing creates an environment conducive to preserve the natural development of kids imagination.

Creativity Blocks
Dance Party

This unique and popular part of the day allows your child to let loose and have fun in their expressions

And Lots of Playtime
Lunch service provided by Bookcafe Days
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